• Esmae Brown

The Girl Behind the Scenes with Big Dreams

Hello! My name is Esmae Brown. Come get to know me and why I started my blog Lavender + Honey!

I am currently a junior at North Dakota State University studying Marketing and Retail Merchandising.

Recently, I have had a boost in my motivation and have been shooting for the stars. I am trying to make something of myself and accomplish all of my goals and dreams. My biggest and wildest dreams are:

  • To create a platform for myself.

  • Create a Youtube Channel.

  • Create a Podcast.

  • Be someone who people look too for fashion advice. (Up to date with all the latest trends and setting my own)

  • Work with a Small Business as their Social Media Manager.

  • Use the platform I create for myself to grow the audience of small businesses.

As a twenty year old, I have so much time to accomplish all of these goals and dreams, and I will try to do whatever is necessary to fulfill them. The fire that has lit itself inside me is uncontainable, and the motivation and my goal driven attitude are in full force. So, stick around and enjoy watching me on this journey to fulfilling my dreams!


Esmae Brown

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