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New Journey = New Mindset

Come explore the new world of self-care and self-love with me.

Self-Care and Self-Love are two things I thought I understood very well, until I listened to the podcast Just Glow With It by Jasmine Shah.

This podcast has helped me so much in my self-care journey. I didn't realize how much I self-sabotaged, how horrible I talked to myself and about myself, how I was stuck in this victim complex, how the things I was watching and listening to were effecting my mood and my thoughts. There is so much that I didn't know that was causing problems in my life and how easy it was to fix and alter so that I could be a happier person.

I realized shortly after a disagreement with my boyfriend that I didn't want to live like this anymore, and I didn't want to put him through any of this anymore. I did some research about self-care and then I came across the Just Glow With It podcast. It is about lifestyle, wellness, and personal growth. It is something I really enjoy listening to because she explains the things that helped her but also expresses that she has bad days and it isn't always sunshine and rainbows for her. Working on your self-love and personal growth isn't always easy and there can be challenges and in this she shows that. It is just so relatable and comforting to hear that someone else is going through similar struggles, because then you don't feel so alone. It also helps, because you see all the progress that she has made and know that you can make the same progress when you put your mind to it and want to change.

Again, it was just so nice to hear that someone else was going through similar things to me and that they were able to change their mindset and become happier. It all starts with you and how much you are willing to change.

There are so many ways you can go about self-care and changing your lifestyle and so far the things I have changed have made me feel so good about myself and have increased my self-esteem and my confidence. Things that I have been doing are:

  • Working out once a day

  • Journaling twice a day

  • Eating healthier

  • Listening to positive and uplifting podcasts (Just Glow With It & Voice Hugs)

  • Very active in my Silk & Sonder subscription

  • Surrounding myself with positivity and cutting out the negativity

  • Cutting out negative music, tv shows and movies

  • Full skin care routine and long relaxing shower in the morning and the evening (This gives me time to reflect on how I want my day to go and reflect on how my day went.)

Doing these things has given me such a positive outlook on life and changed my mindset. It has made me happier and this is a journey I can not wait to continue. The things that I have learned about myself and the things I reflected on have changed the way I think and respond to things. I can't thank my support system enough and I am proud of all of the progress I have made in just a week. To think that just last week none of these things would have ever crossed my mind and I would still be living in this negative and unhappy way of life. I have so much more growth ahead of me and so many more things to explore and discover that I can not wait to see where this journey will take me.

Take the chance, make the leap, trust your instincts, try new things, step outside your comfort zone and lastly live on the spontaneous side.


Esmae Brown

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