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Updated: Jul 13

What is your favorite Starbucks drink? Mine is the Strawberry Acai Lemonade Refresher, but make sure it has no berries!!

This morning I woke up so energized and ready for the day. I felt like I was in this creative bubble and need to let it explode. I came down to my favorite Starbucks location and sat down and got to work on all of the ideas I had flowing in my mind. The best thing for me is to write down all of my ideas in a notebook that way I can see them physically and keep track of them as I go. I had lots of ideas for new blog posts, for instagram content, content for my jobs; it was just a complete creative explosion.

As I am sitting at my table eating my chocolate croissant and sipping on my beverage, I slowly start to people watch. Everyone seems to either be in a complete hurry to get somewhere or they are calm and easy going. It just made me think of the different ways that people live and how they choose to go about their lives.

I looked at it as who was truly happy and who was in a rush to get nowhere, and then it turned into me seeing myself as a part of both crowds. Now what I mean by this is I used to live in constant hustle mode because I never gave myself enough time to get everything done that I needed to. Since this new journey and this new mindset I have been exploring, I find it so much more peaceful and refreshing to take a step back and slow everything down and live in the present. I was notorious for living in the past or the future that I was completely missing out on the present. The past and the future is completely out of my hands, so why would I focus so deeply on them?

I felt the constant need to be in control and when I wasn't my anxiety would become so heightened that it also felt out of control. This would cause me to downward spiral and it was so hard to gain that sense of calm back. Once I started my self care journey, listening to podcasts and reading blog posts gave me helpful tips and tricks to maintain my emotions and help me let go of that feeling of needing constant power. Because of this, it has truly made me happier and more at peace with myself and that alone shows immense amounts of progress.

So sitting here in Starbucks people watching, was so eye opening to me because it showed me how I was living in the constant fast paced rush versus slowing down and taking in every aspect of my day and the present time. It was refreshing to see the small changes that I can already see in myself with these comparisons.

Hopefully you can take away some bits and pieces of this to add into your daily life so that you are happier and more at peace with yourself. All it takes is the want to change and starting small so you don't burn yourself out or become too overwhelmed. If you need guidance to how or where to start check out my blog post called New Journey=New Mindset. It has lots of great information on where to start and how I started.


Esmae Brown

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